vARCHE - a Governance and Claiming rewards

Users can obtain vArche in the Arche DAO by staking their Arche token. Users stake Arche tokens to obtain vArche at an initial ratio of 1:1, which will change depending on the amount of Arche locked up in the DAO and the inflation reward of Arche during the time. Theoretically, vArche holders will get more Arche by staking.
The community is allowed to propose, vote, and implement changes to the Arche protocol adding value to the Arche community and the progress of the Arche Protocol project. In order for a community member to vote, they must vote on ArcheDAO which will require the user to stake their Arche Token and acquire vArche.

Decentralized Governance

Holders of vARCHE can initiate proposals and participate in voting which in return will receive Arche rewards
  • 1,000 vARCHE holders can initiate a proposal
  • Everyone who has vARCHE can vote

Claiming Reward

vArche represents a share of Arche Protocol. They are part of the Arche voting. vArche holders get rewards from the ARCHE Treasury in two ways:
  • You get the inflation of Arche rewards during the first Four Years.
    • The initial inflation rate which supports the above-inflation schedule is r = 5.0% (5 million per year in the first 4 years). All of the inflation is distributed to a Treasury, according to measurements taken by gauges. During the first year, the approximate inflow into the circulating supply is 13700 Arche Token per day, starting from 0.
  • You share the income of Arche Protocol
    • All revenues on the Arche protocol will go to the treasury and its use is determined by an ARCHE DAO governance. After dynamic inflation begins, treasury funds will be used to incentivize vArche holders and eco-contributors.