Games Medal

Arche has a set of medal system as a symbol of the player's identity as well as the P2E earnings bouns.


Arche has set up different medals for different game categories and games for players to get. Whether player specializes in a certain type of game or play widely, they can get different corresponding medals during gameplay, and the medals they get will contribute to P2E earnings.


In addition to the medals, player can earn from gameplay, they can also earn different achievement medals for contributing to Arche community. Whether player actively participate in game reviews, post strategic tasks or trade in the marketplace, players will have the opportunity to earn medals to increase their earnings or gain access to a series of privileges such as beta game testing and airdrop.


Arche medal system is not only applicable to players, but also to various guilds and games. By awarding medals to different types and sizes of guilds, it can provide a way for players to quickly screen the desired guilds and games as well.