Arche Guilds Alliance

AGA (Arche Guilds Alliance) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) formed by Game guilds in Metaverse. It is committed to helping players, guilds and games build a harmonious ecology that is mutually cooperative and closely connected.

For gamers

1. Provide a wide range of guild information and advice
2. Provide the latest game information and game strategic
3. Participate in game reviews and AGA decisions making (vote)
4. Provide various third party benefits and guild rewards

For guilds

1. Gain exposure on Arche's platform and help the guild attract new members
2. Provide comprehensive game stragegic for guilds to help guild members profit
3. Provide professional game reviews and data to help guilds screen games 4. Promote cooperation between guild and guild, grow together
5. Facilitate cooperation between the guild and the game, and pursue early in-game assets like tokens, props and special rights for the guild
5. Provide customized platform guild homepage, easy for players to choose and join

For games

1. Launch Arche platform and gain exposure
2. Provide a variety of optimization suggestions
3. Offer marketplace for in-game assets sale & trade
4. Provide IGO suggestions and help for game studio