Referring quality games to Arche Network players

Community recommendation

Arche will open a community section to provide communication scenarios for users who specialize in certain types of boards. It will also open a community selection and recommendation section so that projects can get exposure and more convenient access to opinions from community leaders.

Top recommendations

Arche will also create a more convenient page for publishers to display popular information. According to the publisher's demand, Arche will provide a page entrance for users to enter the publisher's market page directly after getting the recommendation information in time, creating the most attractive traffic entrance.

Algorithm recommendation

On Arche's home page, we will use a fair information recommendation algorithm to help users know about high-quality early-stage projects. Arche is committed to treating every publisher who conducts store activities in our platform fairly so that high-quality projects can get more exposure as much as possible. To create a win-win market environment for both quality publishers and regular users.

Category News

Arche, as an asset store portal, will be the first to collect first-hand news information of major publishers to provide to users. Provide users with a reliable source of first-hand information.