Arche can help publishers to build their own decentralized marketplace with decentralized implementation solutions for order books, In-depth order management for each prop, customized sharing incentives, and royalty services, etc.


Arche builds a decentralized, secondary NFT marketplace that relies entirely on an order book format. It allows both sides of traders' transactions to list an inquiry on the same category after it has been built. When a potential counterparty sees a reasonable inquiry message, it will initiate the transaction and thus reach a swap between NFT and Token.
Arche allows a trading model similar to the OTC.
Royalties can be custom set in the Marketplace up to 15%, helping the issuer to continue to receive ongoing incentives in the trading marketplace even after the asset is first issued.
Matchmaker is an important part of Arche ecosystem it helps to bring more traffic to the system


The Marketplace contract is an NFT Marketplace subcontract developed by Arche using the Contract Factory. It is equivalent to matching a marketplace subcontract for each asset contract. This marketplace subcontract can be quoted for the asset pending orders. This allows users to directly access the current market information on the best price, and buy and sell as needed.
Last modified 10mo ago