Providing game asset offering services for developers.

Function Description

Publishers (Sellers) could create mystery boxes contracts for their assets. Arche is using Chainlink VRF to make sure a fair launching for the publisher's assets. The mystery box contract support ERC721 and ERC20 assets. Moreover, the mystery boxes sales support a variety of sales models, including whitelist function and public sale, etc.
Arche's broker could earn Arche tokens by promoting the orders and the traders who use the broker's link to purchase the mystery box will be able to get Arche token cashback.


Arche will support the publisher to release an open-source mystery box contract and use random numbers from Chainlink's VRF inside the contract. Mystery box initial offering of NFT contract permissions needs to comply with the openzepplin contract paradigm. Arche can complete the NFT creation and offering without touching the premise of the contract owner permissions, just mint interface to ensure Fair and decentralized.