Asset use situations

Swap API

We will integrate SWAP protocol with good liquidity on BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum, as our external protocol aggregator, making it is easy for users to Swap Tokens on Arche. The Swap button will always be on the front end of the page and users can tap on it to trade Tokens in real-time as needed, making it easy for users to get the target Token they want anytime.

Lending API

The demand for NFT lending is growing, and likewise, Arche will integrate the best lending agreements in the on-chain ecosystem, allowing users to lend and earn on their props as soon as they acquire NFT.

Farm API

We will filter the best NFT income platforms through DAO governance to capture the most valuable income projects for users' NFT assets in a timely manner. And the page will be integrated into Arche platform to allow users to Farm to earn income once they get NFT.