Use Case 2, Public Sale and IDO
With the rise of IDO platforms, projects tend to issue tokens through IDO platforms. In order to be listed on IDO platforms, projects need to pay two major costs: first, allocating a certain proportion of the investment shares for IDO platforms at low prices; second, only a certain proportion of IDO platform users can participate.
Current IDO platforms have some significant problems, especially for project parties and users:
    For users, the listing of IDO needs to be reviewed, and users need to conduct KYC. These review processes are contrary to the decentralized nature of the IDO platform.
    For project parties, due to the large shares given to the IDO platform, the shares given to KOLs/communities, market and PR budget are not enough. And project parties are completely dependent on the traffic and fans of the IDO platform. At the same time, the attention span of the fans on the IDO platform is relatively short due to them having participated in too many projects.
    For KOL parties, KOLs' power and influence is dominated by the IDO platform. The communities and fans built by KOLs themselves can not serve the project effectively and directly.
Arche offers a flexible financial contract template, as well as a bounty system. Project parties can reach partners and communities more directly through customized bounty IDO contracts on Arche, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
    The bounty incentivizes users to participate and share the IDO contract across multiple platforms.
    The project can customize IDO rules and bounties for KOLs, making ways of participation by the users more flexible and diversified, and enhancing the connections of KOLs and users to the project.
    With the help of customized financial contracts, KOLs bring direct benefits to community users and strengthen the community building.
    Projects, KOLs, Users, directly contact through the bounty system and customized financial contract. No centralized review process is needed.

Alice, founder of ACOIN project, customizes IDO rules and bounty incentives

The ACOIN project founder, Alice, plans to use 200,000 Acoin to do both public sale and IDO, of which 100,000 tokens will be publicly sold at the price of 1 USDT/Acoin with the reward of 2,000 USDT. Charlie and Dave each purchase 10,000 Acoin using Bob's shared link. Bob gets the corresponding share of reward.
Another 100,000 tokens are sold through KOLs. KOL Erin shares the IDO contract in her community. Charlie and Dave are two of her fans. They complete specific tasks to get their addresses whitelisted among other fans' addresses. They purchase 20,000 Acoin and KOL Erin gets her share of reward.
Some IDO rules are customized through negotiations with KOLs:
    When ACOIN creates the IDO contract, it can specify the whitelisted addresses provided by the KOLs to cooperate with the communities of the KOLs.
    Each successful sale of Acoin will give 0.5 USDT to the link distributors and motivate community users to share the IDO information.
    To determine the IDO's release date, deadline, single address hard cap, whitelisted addresses and other parameters.

Bob, a matchmaker who shares the public sale contract

Bob finds about the reward of the public sale contract created by Alice on Arche. He then publishes the matchmaker link on social media, promoting the public sale. When a buyer completes the transaction through Bob's matchmaker link, Bob will receive the corresponding portion of the contract reward.

Erin, a KOL who shares the IDO contract in her community

Erin, a KOL leader, promotes the IDO in her community. Her loyal fans can get their addresses whitelisted by completing certain tasks specified by Erin. She can also get the corresponding share of the contract reward if her whitelisted fans purchase Acoin.

Charlie and Dave, participants both in the public sale and IDO

Charlie and Dave are fans of Erin. They participate both in the public sale and IDO. They complete all the tasks specified by Erin in order to get whitelisted. They purchase 20,000 Acoin from the public sale and 20,000 Acoin from the IDO.
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