Use Case 1, OTC
Completing OTC transactions using Arche's customized financial contracts has the following advantages:
    No need for third-parties. The transactions are based on smart contract executions, reducing communication costs.
    No user limitation. Any user can complete OTC transactions, using customized financial contracts.
    Bounty system. Arche introduces a bounty system to encourage users to promote OTC transactions.
    Peer-to-pool transactions allowed. This offers sellers more flexibility.
    Composability. The composability and liquidity mining scheme of DeFi protocols help match liquidity for OTC transactions.
    Social media support. Support for publishing financial contracts of OTC transactions on social platforms such as Twitter/Instagram/Facebook.

Alice, who wants to sell a large amount of ETH

Alice, wants to sell her 1,000 ETH at a price of 4,300 USDT/ETH. Such large transaction normally has high trading slippage, when using Automated Market Makers (AMMs). Alice can avoid the slippage by creating her financial contract on Arche, agreeing to sell 1,000 ETH at the price of 4,300 USDT/ETH and providing 1,000 ARCHE as the matchmaker reward.
After successfully creating the order, Alice only needs to wait for other users to purchase ETH in the order at a fixed price. And after each successful transaction, matchmakers like Bob will receive the corresponding amount of ARCHE reward, based on the amount of ETH sold. The order enables peer-to-pool trading, allowing multiple users to purchase ETH in the contract. When users purchase through the matchmaker promotion link published on social media, Bob in this case, gets his matchmaker reward.

Bob, the matchmaker

Bob finds about the reward of the order created by Alice on Arche. He then publishes the matchmaker link on social media, promoting the order. When a buyer completes the transaction through Bob's matchmaker link, Bob will receive the corresponding portion of the order reward.
Bob can also be a DeFi protocol, like a lending protocol to complete the matchmaking and claim the reward.

Charlie, who wants to buy a small amount of ETH

Charlie completes the transaction through Bob's matchmaker link, buying 1 ETH. After the transaction, 1 ARCHE reward will be automatically sent to Bob.
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