Contract Factory
User-defined smart contract as an open API in Arche V1 Contract Factory model
To ensure an open ecosystem for order creators and project parties, we implement a new smart contract architecture that is Contract Factory. A seller creates his own order by generating his own sub-contract from the Contract Factory like developing a store.
Arche Network V1 is a financial contract template with concise UI and parameter configuration that support users to create their own smart contract.
Define smart contract as an open API
The basic Arche's architecture is a swap contract between A and B. When contract creator creates the contract by putting parameters and deposit, the contract factory will generate at least three contracts.
One of the contract is transaction itself, the other two is the address of contract A and B. User transactions will be fully completed on the chain and all transaction data is traceable.

Customized financial contract templates

Arche is an open customized financial contract platform. Users can create financial contracts without code; At the same time, Arche treasury will support more developers to build financial products based on Arche Network.
For ordinary users, Arche will provide main financial contract templates to facilitate users to complete transactions; In addition to these basic financial templates, when a large number of users use the template, Arche treasury will also provide support in development and economy, so that the template can be made a product and become a partner of Arche ecology.
For the financial template developed by the Arche team, detailed tutorials will be provided to the creators and users of financial contracts. For details, please refer to:
For the financial products developed based on Arche, Arche treasury will provide support including grant, development, economic model design, operation, user demand, etc. For the developers, the API of a sub- smart contract from contract factory can be seen on Contract Factory's API:
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