Build on Arche
More details are coming soon
Arche Network is an open platform which support the financial products to build for and on the Arche. Arche Network will help empower traders and developers to participate in the world of a customized financial marketplace.
All of our code is also open source and available at our Github. Our dev docs and tools can be found the part here:
Financial product using Arche tools can realize big cost savings and escape congestion. Projects using Arche is catalogued in ECOSYSTEM PROJECTS part.

Kickstart your customized financial contract on Arche.

Arche Treasury will provide support including Arche Grant, development, economic model design, operation, user demand.
Everyone can apply the grant of Arche Treasury which all revenues on the Arche Network will go to.

Product benefits based on Arche.

Idea Grants

A useful idea of customized financial contract based on Arche Network can receive Arche Treasury and Arche DAO with grant sizes awarded based on the quality of your idea and supporters in Arche Community.

Technical Support

Receive technical assistance from knowledgeable and responsive Arche developers.

Design Help

Receive assistance of design and product manager from Arche to kickstart the product.

Test support

Receive testing feedback from Arche community, baked by Arche Active user fund which is a long-term plan to incentive users' participation.
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