Arche Network Ecosystem
To understand how Arche Network works, we must first understand the Arche De-commerce Ecosystem.
    Trader to Project: Loyalty — an interpersonal connection between people/token holders and the projects that serve them.
    Project to Order Creator: Transaction — As projects succeed, so do order creators/distributors and the marketplace is more active.
    Order Creator to Matchmaker: Commission — Pairing rewards are what drive the relationship between order creators and matchmakers. The higher the commission is set by the order creator, the more traffic the matchmakers will bring to the order.
    Matchmaker to Trader: Provision — Providing order information to traders is what drives the relationship between matchmakers and traders.
Arche Network has transformed the traditional E-commerce ecosystem into a De-commerce ecosystem by designing a unique business model for the on-chain assets.
Last modified 1mo ago
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