Contract Creation

Arche can be used to create a smart contract which can be customized to the users' needs. This contract allows a user to design a trade, swap, bet, and many more which can be accepted by another counterparty. To create a decentralized financial contract on Arche, a user needs to pay a certain amount of Arche Token in the future.

Staking Rewards

Users can have the ability to vote and propose on ArcheDAO which helps guide the future of Arche protocol. Users will get vArche as a form of staking reward when they stake Arche in DAO Governance.


To vote on ArcheDAO, users need to lock their Arche in order to get vArche to vote. Participants can earn additional Arche when they lock their vArche and vote on all DAO proposals. There is no minimum voting power required to vote.

Trading Incentives

In order for contract creators to better find counterparties, Arche has created a new and innovative tool to help any user with a contract. This is an incentive tool where any user can find and help another user find a counterparty for his contract. Arche Token can be used to pay the trading incentive when the contract creator sets a paring reward for his order.
Last modified 1mo ago