ARCHE Treasury


All revenues on the Arche Network will go to the treasury, and its use is determined by an on-chain vote. Before dynamic inflation begins (i.e. before the actual issue volume reaches 100 million), treasury funds are used to burn Arche tokens; after dynamic inflation begins, treasury funds will be used to incentivize vArche holders and eco-contributors promoting active users within the community.

Treasury income

1. Contract creation fee

When a user creates a financial contract using Arche, an ARCHE Token will be charged for creating the contract. This fee will be 0 in the early stages of the platform and later on will be determined by a DAO government vote.

2. Order completion bounty

If Arche platform helps the contract creator to find a counter-party for their smart contract, Arche platform will get the trading incentive that was set by the contract creators.

3. Transaction fees

When a user completes the delivery of an asset using a financial contract, a fee of 0.1% will be charged to both parties, totaling 0.2%. When developers develop their own platform on Arche, for each of the transactions on their platform, 0.1% commission will also be charged. If the platform wants to decrease this commission, they have to vote on DAO in order to pass their requirement.

4. Investment profit

Corresponding to the project tokens and the eco-building component of the ARCHE. We will assist new teams in structuring new agreements, in the same way that UMA does. We focus on the token economic model of each new protocol and the value it can bring to ARCHE, which will generate new revenue for ARCHE. (It could be the platform token of those new protocols that use Arche as their foundation)

Treasury Expense

    Burn Arche Token
    Funds that are used to incentivize vArche holders and eco-contributors
    Grant to support the ecosystem projects on Arche.
Arche Treasury mainly serve for ecosystem projects, more details can be seen:
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