ARCHE Tokenomics

Arche Token

Arche protocol is governed by Arche token holders, using three major components:
1. The Arche token
2. The Governance module
3. Staking
The community is allowed to propose, vote, and implement changes to the Arche protocol, adding value to the Arche community and facilitating the progress of the Arche protocol project. In order for a community member to vote, he must vote on ArcheDAO, which will require the user to stake his Arche token and acquire vArche.
    Arche Token Supply: 100,000,000
    Arche Token has a dynamic inflation mechanism that becomes effective when the actual issued volume reaches 100,000,000.


Arche Token Issuing Time: TBD
The proportion of the Arche Token's allocation will be published before IDO and TGE.

Dynamic Inflation Phase

Once the total issued tokens reaches 100 million, Arche protocol will enter the Dynamic Inflation Supply phase. This means that Arche protocol will calculate the previous cycle's inflation supply and Treasury's token distribution.
    When the previous cycle's inflation is greater than the Treasury's buyback, Arche protocol will reduce the current cycle's inflation rate.
    When the inflation in the previous cycle is less than the amount of the Treasury's buyback, Arche protocol will increase the inflation rate for the current cycle.
The dynamic inflation rate exists to help return control of the protocol to ArcheDAO, which will determine the future of Arche protocol.
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