Governance Goal

    Arche protocol is aimed to create a user-defined open platform for decentralized financial contracts in Web3.0. Arche protocol will establish an incentive structure that motivates active user participation and governance.


All vARCHE holders can join the vote, 1 vARCHE equals one vote.
Holders of vARCHE can initiate proposals, at least 1,000 vARCHE is needed for any proposal.
Proposals are executed by the following voting parameters:
    Minimum 30% vArche holder participation votes
    Minimum 51% of vote pass rate

Active-User Ecosystem Fund

ARCHE will take a random snapshot on a block, from time to time, and users who achieve a certain condition in that block will be rewarded which is determined by ARCHE DAO, for example:
    A certain number of orders completed in one month
    Exceed a specified amount of turnover for one month
    Participation in the Governance Vote
    Users who receive a reward will need to actively claim the "reward"

Eco-Contributors through ARCHE Treasury

ARCHE Treasury is determined by ARCHE DAO, including parameters of ARCHE's Treasury income and expenses.
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