Welcome to Arche Network

A User-Defined Financial Contracts Open Platform


Arche network is a User-Defined Financial Contract Open Platform that is committed to developing a user-friendly non-standard marketplace for customized transactions. It allows users to customize their financial contracts on the blockchain without doing any coding.

In the traditional financial market, customized financial products require strong institutional endorsement and a high cost to operate. Behind such strong credit is a trillion-dollar financial market that is beyond the reach and participation of ordinary people. However, through the use of smart contracts, we can customize financial products at a lower cost and with fewer barriers that cause problems. The cost of setting up and operating a financial contract generated through smart contracts is almost zero. There is almost no risk in the operation of such a product. The only risk is its basic blockchain framework (i.e. Ethereum network or Binance smart chain).

On Arche, anyone can create and customize their own financial contract. After you set the relevant parameters and deposit the asset, a trigger condition or oracle will be provided by the contract to complete the transaction. You can also bring your financial products to the market quickly through the composability of other Defi protocols.

Over the years, the blockchain industry has seen a huge rise in the numbers of creative and innovative people who together are building up a Lego-style Defi empire that contributes to the world of decentralized finance. Arche protocols will help empower traders and developers to participate in the world of a customized financial marketplace and provide user-friendly tools making it simple and easy for everyone whilst providing the highest quality community support.

Arche Overview and Application Scenarios

Arche Network V1 is a financial contract template with concise UI and parameter configuration that supports all its users to create their own smart contract.

Define Smart Contract as open API

A simple explanation of the basics of Arche's architecture is a swap contract between A and B. When the contract creator creates the contract by putting their parameters and deposit, the contract factory will issue at least three contracts. One of the contracts is the transaction itself, the other two is the address of contract A and B. User transactions will be fully completed on the chain and all transaction data is traceable. At the same time, during the contract formation period, Arche will also assist in the issuance of Token to help it alleviate the liquidity problem. Below are the financial products that we can support:

  1. Forward Contracts

  2. Future Contracts

  3. Options contracts

  4. Insurance contracts

  5. Basic Swap contracts including IDO/Auction/NFT.