Getting Started
Help users understand Arche Network.

What is Arche network ?

Arche Network is committed to building a user-friendly decentralized crypto asset store in Metaverse with a DPaaS (Decentralized Protocol as a Service) service architecture that allows sellers to create IDO、IGO、INO 、MysteryBox and Marketplace protocols with the support of Open Marketplace. It aims to provide a smooth experience for users in crypto-asset trading with access to Matchmaker, Swap, Farm, Lending, etc.

Problem we faced today

  • High cost of building a decentralized trading marketplace for projects
  • High developing barrier in building decentralized marketplace with high customization attributes
  • High user learning threshold with the increasing abundance of assets on chain
  • Long-tail asset marketplace is fragmented between crypto-asset tools and trading platforms, users need to go to multiple protocols to complete the interaction
  • The community and project ecology are not close enough

Our Solution

Arche Network's core service is to use DPaaS architecture to quickly build IDO/IGO/INO with NFT Marketplace and MysteryBox contact to integrate different market protocols in a modular front-end page that can adopt Matchmaker, Swap, Farm, Lending, KYC, and other protocols and services to solve these problems.

Users can participate

  • Token Sale using IDO (currently only GameFi type protocols are supported)
  • Use MysteryBox to sell NFT or game prop assets
  • Use Matchmaker service to bring more attention to the sale assets
Users :
  • Participate in IDO's offering to get blue chips crypto assets
  • Participate in the Game Store's MysteryBox offering to receive Fair launch game props
  • Participate in the MysteryBox offering of the NFT Store to receive Fair launch NFTs
  • Share or participate in crypto-asset trading to receive incentives for matchmaking
  • Stake ARCHE to receive vARCHE to participate in the decentralized governance of Arche Network

More to come in the future

  • Build Marketplace in Arche with features such as Royalty and aggregation incentives
  • Configure a custom domain name for Marketplace
  • More IDO distribution options
  • Integrated Swap protocol service
  • Integrated Farm protocol service
  • Marketplace
  • Popular Asset Recommendations and Subscriptions
  • Community Asset Recommendations and Subscriptions
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